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Art dir. & design, motion + Front-end dev.

Research Now

During my tenure at Research Now I managed a creative team of five. I was responsible for delivering experiences to 11 internal consumer panel brands across 50+ markets and 5+ million users.

This is a selection of B2B & B2C deliverables including branding, digital products, marketing collateral, and digital campaigns for programmatic and affiliate advertising.

B2C Market Research Platform

The customer facing websites & apps through which users access profile information, rewards and surveys. Every asset and product requiered localisation for at least 4-5 markets.


I created branding for internal and client usage. Clients included American Airlines, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Amazon Video, JetBlue, Norwegian Airlines.


Created a design system that's used as a framework for internal brands and marketed as part of whitelabel products.


Created digital advertising campaigns for programmatic and affiliate advertising. Achievements include a single-day enrolment rate of 205K new account registrations for a B2C research panel.


For single and ongoing engamenet campaigns I designed and build HTML email templates, created illsutations, produced videos, managed translations, oversaw asset delivery & implementation.

Social Media

Defined and created the social media aesthetic. Directly conrtibuted to the tenfold increase in followers and likes through a 12 month period.

B2B Marketing

Worked on various direct mail, print & digital campaigns. Below a microsite and direct mail invitation for an indutry event, and promotional material for various internal brands.