MyBuilder (IAC)




Product & visual, motion, front-end

MyBuilder provides a service for both homeowners and tradespeople. They help tradespeople to find jobs, and homeowners to find tradespeople to work on their home projects.

I built prototypes for testing concepts, created user flows, user interfaces, landing pages. Redesigned some older content pages and flows to fit new functionality. Also, I contributed to the design system and created various marketing assets.

Quote Tool

The Quote Tool is designed and developed for the tradespeople to create professional quotes for homeowners. It is free to use for all MyBuilder members and well integrated into the marketplace.

MyBuilder Quote Tool

Product Marketing Assets

I created a landing page along with some visuals to promote and communicate the app features. Using app screens in the visuals wasn't an option due to the rapid development process of the company. I designed simplified illustrations, iconography and motion to convey the UI and features.

I collaborated with various stakeholders. Drafted, pitched and iterated the landing page and assets. Working together with a front-end developer on the final implementation.


I got involved in the design process after the initial launch of the MVP app. My main focus was the integration of a new feature set that allows for invoicing. After some initial research of specific design patters I sketched, wireframed and prototyped. I worked with the larger team and UX researchers to understand user behavior and needs.

I simplified the navigation by utilising cards and adding a floating action button. Also applied colour to differentiate between list items and their states. This approach translated into a compact app with focused content and improved navigation.

MyBuilder Plus Insurance

MyBuilder Plus is a comprehensive insurance policy that covers the whole job, including quality of work, materials. It was developed in parallel with the Quote Tool to allow users - who received a quote created via the Quote Tool - to insure their job.

MyBuilder Plus


The aim was to create a website for general information, support and claims. I created the look and feel, which I based on the main brand. I sketched, wireframed and prototyped various approaches both for the layout and UI. For the build I worked with a front-end developer. We used SCSS and TWIG.


The task was to define and inject promotional opportunities to existing user flows on the marketplace. I reviewed current and created new scenarios and porotypes. Also looked at opportunities to educate and inform tradespeople about the offering. I designed the UI and worked in collaboration on the UX for the checkout/payment flow.

I took on ad-hoc projects (e.g. profile page) focusing on updating outdated UI and UX throughout the main website & marketplace.